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Manifest offers wide range of activities to suit just about everyone's taste over the 3 action packed days that Manifest runs. From our premiere events held in the Main Events theatre, panels and screenings held in the royal block, shopping in our spacious traders section of the activities hall, to a wide range of workshops and activities in the activities hall. Below is a list of some of the things to do during the Manifest weekend.

Manifest has a number of competitions for all ages and skill levels. These range from fanfictions for writers, to the presidus cosplay competitions held on both saturday and sunday of Manifest.


These are events run both prior and over the 3 days of Manifest. Pre-event competitions don't require you to attend Manifest to enter although these competitions resuilts will be announced at the closing ceremony on Sunday night. Winners can collect their prizes at the closing ceremony or alternate arrangements can be made pending on the competition and prizes. The event competitions are those you are required to attend Manifest to enter as you will be required at some point to be present at Manifest.


Manifest in addition to running competitions has a number of events that are run over the 3 days. Some are competitions you can watch like Cosplay, though others that are put on for you to have fun, or even win some prizes for being there. We have a number of different types of events including Cosplay events, Music based events, art based events, or a number of general events run over the weekend.

Cultural Events

Photo taken by UniKoRnWe have a number of culturally significant events brought for you to enjoy some of the sights and sounds of Japan. These are primarily based on Friday which is run in conjunction with our schools program, although we do run a number of these event over Saturday and Sunday as well.


At manifest, we have a number of informational and educational panels run over the weekend on topics relating to Japan and Japanese culture, anime, cosplay, FRUiTs and video games to name a few. Most of this content is run by individuals like yourself who have some knowledge in the field of the panel. We are taking submissions for panels now so head over the panels page to put in an expression of interest.


What would an anime convention be without anime? We have a number of theatres running anime over the entire weekend which totals over 70 hours of viewing covering genres to suit everyone. If you would like to have an anime shown at Manifest, please contact our screenings team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Video Games

Video Games is a massive industry around the world and on the cutting edge of animation. Manifest shows what is on offer in a hands on way. Come try games from Japan including classics from the past as well as current iconic favorites. Also run at Manifest are video game competitions which offer attendees a way to pit themselves againest melbourne's best to prove if they have what it takes to be the best.


Manifest offers a number of more hands on events for you to create masterpieces of art. These range from the art cel painting which is what anime was made one frame at a time to mecha workshop where you can build those giant robots you see in the anime you love to watch.